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Applicant Requirements
There is a $30.00 non refundable fee per application. Each person 18 years or older must submit an application in person and pay the fee. Money order or cashier's check only. No personal checks are accepted for application fees. We do not accept cash, credit or debit cards. Applicants must see the unit prior to submitting an application.
Application Process

Applicants must see the unit prior to submitting an application. We require applicants to drive by the unit first and to also verify they meet the minimum applicant requirements prior to calling for an appointment. PLEASE do not call unless you've viewed the minimum requirements on the application and feel you meet them. To see the inside of a unit please call us at (209) 521-8072 to schedule an appointment. You MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT TO SUBMIT AN APPLICATION. Please call for an appointment to submit the application after you have seen the unit.

We run credit and unlawful detainer reports on each applicant. We may contact each rental reference, the applicant's current employer, and we may check publicly available information, such as court or public access legal records.

We ask for a Social Security Number (SSN) to run a credit report. If an applicant does not have a SSN, we can use an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). If an applicant does not have a SSN or ITIN, we will attempt to run a credit report using other identifying information such as name, date of birth and address.

Each applicant must submit their application in person in our office between the hours of 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Each applicant must show two forms of ID. One must be a current, government-issued picture ID. The application process can take from three to five days to run all applications and obtain the necessary information.

Minimum Qualifications

Income: Combined gross income from all applicants must equal a minimum of 2.5 the rent if the rent is $895 and below. Combined gross income from all applicants must equal a minimum of 3 times the rent if the rent is above $895. Proof of income is required. If an applicant is submitting paycheck stubs as proof of income, please submit the last two most recent stubs if paid bi-weekly or monthly; the last four most recent stubs if paid weekly. If an applicant's income is from a government agency the eligibility letter is required. If the income is from court-ordered payments, proof of receipt of this income must be provided, the court order itself does not establish receipt of these payments.

Credit Report: A credit report will be run on each applicant. To pay the minimum deposit the credit score must be 600. If credit cannot be obtained or the credit score is between 550-599, the deposit will be doubled. All other minimum qualifications must be met.

Rental History: A minimum of three year's rental history is required. Rental history must be verifiable. If three years of rental history cannot be obtained the deposit will be doubled. All other minimum qualifications must be met. An application will be denied if rent has been late more than two times per year, has an eviction within the last seven years, owes a landlord or agency monies owed due to their tenancy or has a current legal action in progress due to their current or previous tenancy.

Bankruptcy: This is acceptable if new credit has been established that meets the above guidelines and the bankruptcy has been discharged or dismissed for at least one year. Applications will be denied if a bankruptcy is not fully discharged.

Failure to meet one of the minimum qualifications can result in double the deposit as outlined above (or denial of the application). Failure to meet two or more will cause the application to be denied.

We are unable to "pre-screen" applicants or applications over the phone. Please refer to the above qualifications.

Move-In Process

Once applicants are approved, a date for move-in is set. The security deposit must be paid within 1 business day after applicant is approved. The full first month's rent must be paid prior to move-in. The first month's rent plus deposit must be paid by money order or cashier's check. Personal checks will not be accepted for move-in. Thereafter, we accept payments using personal checks, money order or cashier's check. Payments can also be made online using the tenant portal.

If more than one applicant 18 years or older is approved for a unit, all applicants must sign the rental agreement prior to the move-in date or keys will not be issued. Rental agreements are signed in our office only. Rental agreements are month-to-month.