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Garbage/Recycling Information
The City of Modesto no longer has a curbside recycling program. For some residents this creates a problem of what to do with recyclable materials. Many residents also have questions about where and how to properly dispose of waste that cannot be put into the landfills or recycled, such as: e-waste, automotive fluids, batteries, etc. Below are links and information that Modesto residents and residents of the surrounding areas can use to properly recycle and dispose of items, reducing the amount of waste we place in our landfills.

To dowloand and/or print the City of Modesto's complete garbage/recycling guide, click here.
Black Cans/Green Cans
Modesto has a two-can disposal/recycling program. The black can is for household waste and non-organic items such as plastic packaging, diapers, animal waste, etc. You can find more information about the black can here.

The green can/organic waste recycling program includes the collection of most residential organic materials, including yard waste, food waste, paper and cardboard products. You can find more information about the green can here.
Bulky Items Pickup
If your residence has can service, you can schedule two bulky items pickups per year. Items that can be picked up curbside include: large appliances, household furniture, toilets, etc. If you pay the garbage bill yourself, simply call your garbage company to schedule a pickup If HPM pays the garbage, give us a call to schedule the pickup. To learn about what items can be picked up and when you may place items out for pick up, click here.
Recycling (Buy-back centers/CRV)
Modesto and surrounding areas have several buy-back recycling centers. For a complete list of centers, click here.

Modesto Junk Co. has dropped off flyers with our office describing the items they take. The have recently begun accepting non CRV glass. They will not pay you for this type of glass, but you can bring it when you bring your CRV items so they can recycle it as scrap. You can download a .pdf copy of this flyer here.

If you are unsure of what qualifies as CRV and what is not, click here to download a .pdf flyer from Modesto Junk Co.
Hazardous Waste
Modesto residents need to dispose of household hazardous waste properly. Household hazardous waste can include, but is not limited to: motor oils, glues, batteries, paint, e-waste (electronic waste like televisions or computers), microwave ovens and copy machines. You can find more information on household hazardous waste/recycling by clicking here to visit the Modesto City's web page.

If you want to download a document listing all of the waste facilities in the area and what items they accept, click here.

Tri Valley Electronic Waste Recycling also offers free e-waste recycling and can arrange for free pickup! The items they accept include: Computer Monitors, CRT Screens, Plasma Screens, Televisions, LCD Screens, Laptops, Copiers, Faxes, Calculators, Computers, Stereo Systems, Keyboards, Mouse, Cell Phones, Speakers, Big Screens, Telephones, Printers, Batteries. Call them at (209) 463-7600 or visit their website at: www.trivalleyrecycling.com to arrange for a pickup or find their address and directions for a drop-off.