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Important Information

Emergency Numbers
If you have an after-hours emergency plumbing issue please call Noble Plumbing at 209-566-5420. Noble Plumbing will only respond to actual emergencies, for example: your toilet is clogged and you have only one toilet, there is sewage backing up into your yard, or there is a major leak that cannot be reasonably controlled by towels or buckets. Examples of non-emergencies: your faucet is dripping, one toilet is clogged and you have one or more other toilets in the house that are working properly, or your dishwasher will not drain. YOU MUST IDENTIFY YOURSELF AS A TENANT OF HERITAGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT WHEN YOU PLACE THE CALL! Also call and leave a message on our voicemail so we know you called in a repair.

If you have an after-hours heating or air conditioning emergency, please call Bailey's Heating and Air at 209-527-4066. YOU MUST IDENTIFY YOURSELF AS A TENANT OF HERITAGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT WHEN YOU PLACE THE CALL! Also call and leave a message on our voicemail so we know you called in a repair. Please note: while it is an inconvenience if your air conditioning/heating stops working on a Saturday night, unless there are extenuating circumstances it is not an emergency. Leave a message at the office and we will dispatch the vendor the next business day. You can also submit a work request using your tenant portal.

Rarely are there any other emergencies outside of business hours that cannot be handled by a plumber. If you do have an emergency occur outside of business hours, please read the Tenant Information Sheet that you were given with your move-in packet. If you cannot find this document, you may download it.

You may also send us an email. We do attempt to check email outside of business hours but cannot guarantee to do so. If it is an emergency, please use one of the emergency numbers listed above. If you do use one of the emergency numbers above, please do email us and let us know. You may also email other concerns or repair requests either during business hours or outside of business hours. DO NOT submit emergency requests using your tenant portal. Tenant portal maintenance requests are for non-emergency requests only.

Rent Due Date and Late Fees
Rent is due on or before the first of the month, it is late on the second. There is a five-day grace period before a late fee is applied. If the fifth falls on a holiday or weekend your payment must be paid online or postmarked by the dates below.

After the fifth of the month (or the first business day), a 6% late fee will be added to all accounts with an outstanding rent balance. The 6% is assessed on the entire rent amount, not just on the unpaid balance. All tenants paying after the last day of the grace period must pay by money order or cashier's check. You may not pay using your portal after the last day of the grace period. We will close portals the first business day after the late period. If you do pay online after the last day of the grace period (for example, at 3 am on the 6th), your rent is late and you will be assessed a late fee. We do not accept personal checks after the last day of the grace period. No exceptions.

For your convenience, below is a table listing the last date you may pay your rent in 2021 to avoid a late fee. REMEMBER: If you are mailing your rent, it must be postmarked by the dates below. Any monies recieved with a later postmark will receive a late fee.

2022 Month

Last Day of Grace Period


Wednesday, January 5


Monday, February 7


Monday, March 7


Tuesday, April 5


Thursday, May 5


Monday, June 6


Tuesday, July 5


Friday, August 5


Tuesday, September 6


Wednesday, October 5


Monday, November 7


Monday, December 5

Payment Policies
We do not accept cash. Please pay your rent by personal check, money order/ cashier's check or online through your tenant portal. Move-in rent and security deposits must be paid by money order/cashier's check. Please clearly write your address on the front of your check or money order. Often the names on checks do not match the names in our computer or are illegible.

Online payments can be made using an e-check or a credit/debit card by accessing your tenant portal. If you have not already set up access to your tenant portal, please contact our office and request that we send you the tenant portal activation email. This email will have instructions on how to set up and use your tenant portal. Please note: HPM does not have the ability to access your tenant portal, nor can we make any changes to payments you submit through the portal. It is hosted and run by an external site.

We do not accept: third party checks or post-dated checks. By law we must deposit all funds received within three business days. If you send a post-dated check we will NOT hold it until the date on the check.

Please note: due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we are not accepting payments in our office at this time.

Heating and Air Filters
If you have central heating and air you MUST change the filter in your return regularly. If you buy 1-month filters please change it monthly. If you buy 3-month filters, please change it every three months. Proper filter maintenance keeps the heating and air unit in good condition, reducing your costs and reducing the need for repairs. If a repair is needed and the technician finds that the filter has not been properly maintained, you can be held liable for a portion of the repair bill.

If you have a window or wall air conditioner or combined heating and air unit, there will be a reusable filter in the front of the unit. Please be sure to clean this filter regularly either by vacuuming the accumulated lint or running under cold water.

Keep Your Information Current!
Quite commonly tenants change important information such as phone numbers or their place of employment and fail to inform us. This makes it very difficult to contact you, especially if you have called in a repair. Be sure that your information is kept current with HPM.

This page is just a summary of many common tenant questions. There are more detailed documents throughout this website. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these documents and download any that you have misplaced since receiving your move-in packet.