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Management Services
Heritage Property Management provides a wide range of services that make owning rental property simple and carefree. You decide what level of management best suits your needs. Choose some or all of our services and customize your own management program!
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» Advertisements are run on Craigslist
» Detailed listings with pictures and maps are on our website
» Current rental listings are available in our office to all prospective tenants
Applicant Screening
» Detailed review of rental applications is performed
» Credit checks and eviction checks are run on all persons 18 years and older
» Applicants' prior rental references are verified
» Applications and reports are verified by interviewing applicants
» A valid picture ID, a second form of ID and a recent pay stub are required
Property Supervision
» Detailed interior and exterior inspections when unit becomes vacant
» Unscheduled drive by inspections on occupied units
» Regularly scheduled interior and exterior inspections on occupied units
» Additional inspections as requested or needed
Income and Expense Processing
» Rent payments, late fees and miscellaneous fees are collected each month
» Bill payment service for mortgage, insurance, utilities, repairs, etc. is available
» Income and expense report is provided monthly
» Funds are mailed to Owner or deposited in a local branch of Owner's bank
» End of year summary statements are automatically sent to Owner
Repairs and Maintenance
» Authorized repairs are arranged as needed
» Month to month maintenance (e.g., pest control, yard work) can be arranged
Legal Notices and Actions
» Three-Day Notice to Pay or Quit issued for unpaid rent
» Three-Day Notice fees charged to tenant's account
» Thirty/Sixty Day Notices to Quit the Premises sent only with Owner approval
» Unlawful Detainer Actions (eviction) started only with Owner approval
Service Fees
» The service fee is a percentage of the collected monies, and is charged to the owner monthly. Please contact our office for an exact quote.
» For units we manage, we charge 55% of the first month's rent for placing a tenant. This fee includes all advertising and processing costs. If a unit must be re-rented within six months, the placement fee is not charged again.
» The cost for all services is included in the management fee.